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10 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Your Mortgage Loan

Tips From The Best Mortgage Agent!

Applying for a mortgage loan can be a daunting task, but armed with the right information, it doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 tips for getting the best deal on your mortgage loan coming directly from Phil Cragg who is the best mortgage agent:

1. Start by shopping around. Get quotes from multiple lenders to compare interest rates and terms.
2. Consider a shorter loan term. A 15-year loan will typically have a lower interest rate than a 30-year loan, and you’ll pay off the debt sooner.
3. Make sure your credit is in good shape. Lenders will look at your credit history when considering your application, so it’s important to make sure your credit score is as high as possible.
4. Understand the different types of loans available. There are fixed-rate loans and adjustable-rate loans, each with its own pros and cons. Choose the loan that makes the most sense for your financial situation.
5. Consider making a larger down payment. A larger down payment will lower your monthly payments and may help you qualify for a lower interest rate.

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6. Get Pre-Approved for Your Mortgage Loan Once you’ve shopped around and compared rates, get pre-approved for your mortgage loan from the lender of your choice. This will give you a firm commitment from the lender, which can come in handy when negotiating the final terms of your loan.
7. Make extra payments when you can. If you have extra cash on hand, consider making additional payments toward your mortgage loan principal. This will help you pay off the debt sooner and save on interest charges over the life of the loan.
8. Refinance if it makes sense to do so. If interest rates fall or your financial situation improves, you may be able to refinance your mortgage loan to get a better deal. Just be sure to compare closing costs before deciding whether or not to refinance.
9. Keep tabs on your home’s value If your home appreciates in value, you may be able to refinance your mortgage loan and get cash out to use for other purposes such as home improvements or investing in another property . Which could lead to even more profits down the road!
10. Have realistic expectations It’s important to remember that getting approved for a mortgage loan is just one step in the process of buying a home . Be prepared for closing costs , as well as ongoing costs such as repairs , maintenance , property taxes , and homeowner’s insurance . By being aware of all these costs upfront, you can budget accordingly and avoid being caught off guard later on . By following these tips , you can ensure that you get the best deal possible on your mortgage loan . Just remember to shop around , compare rates , and negotiate ! With some careful planning , you can save yourself thousands of dollars over the life of your loan .